There’s a misconception that dentures don’t require as much care as natural teeth. However, proper maintenance is crucial for keeping your dentures in good condition and ensuring your oral health. Whether you have partial or full dentures, regular cleaning is essential to prevent bacteria buildup and stains. Here are some tips to help you maintain your dentures effectively:

  1. Rinse After Meals After eating or snacking, and after brushing your teeth, remove and rinse your dentures thoroughly. Rinsing with water helps wash away food particles and bacteria. Always handle your dentures carefully and avoid using hot water, as it can damage them over time.
  2. Brush Regularly Brush your dentures every morning and night, just like you would your natural teeth. Brush your gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth, along with any remaining natural teeth. To prevent damage, place towels around your sink and on a soft surface in case your dentures fall. Clean your dentures using a soft-bristled toothbrush and water, denture paste, or non-abrasive toothpaste. Contact our dental office for recommendations on safe denture cleaning methods.
  3. Remove Adhesive Residue Gargle with warm saltwater to remove any adhesive residue, then use a clean washcloth to clean your gums and the roof of your mouth. Rinse your mouth again with warm water. For stubborn residue, gently brush your gums with a soft toothbrush.
  4. Soak Overnight To clean your dentures overnight, soak them in a denture cleaning solution or water. Follow the instructions on the denture cleaner package carefully. For partial dentures, use a solution specifically designed for partials. Keeping your dentures moist overnight prevents them from drying out, which can lead to discomfort, contamination, and brittleness.

Regular Dental Checkups Schedule regular dental appointments to have your mouth and dentures examined and professionally cleaned. Your dentist can assess the condition of your dentures and address any issues before they escalate. By maintaining a consistent oral care routine and seeking professional dental care, you can ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your dentures.

For personalized guidance on denture care and maintenance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dental office in Columbia. We’re here to help you achieve optimal oral health and enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile. Schedule an appointment with us today to keep your dentures in top condition!

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