Dentist Columbia

Working with a third-party dental benefits provider can be challenging. Having a dental plan is no guarantee that the treatment you need will be covered. Benefits verification, coverage changes, and pre-approvals can add time and stress to your dental visits.

Garbis Dental Plans are different.
With a Garbis Dental Plan, your preventive dental coverage is administered directly by the office of Garbis and Associates. Instead of struggling for approvals from a third-party provider, you can make your treatment decisions directly with Dr. Garbis and team with full understanding of your benefits, coverage, and costs. With Garbis Dental Plans, there are no claims to file, no deductibles to meet, and no waiting periods for use.

How does it work?
With a Garbis Dental Plan, you pay a monthly membership fee for your benefits. This allows you to plan an affordable monthly payment while receiving substantial savings on both preventive care and more advanced treatments.

What if I need a specialist?
Whenever possible, we will refer you to a specialist that participates in the Garbis Dental Plans. Our office holds a complete listing of all participating providers. Members should verify a specialist’s participation prior to accepting treatment.

For more information or to sign up for one of our membership plans, please contact our office.