iTero Element 5D

Dentist in Columbia, MD

Garbis Dental Associates is proud to utilize the iTero Element 5D imaging system to take your treatment to the next level. This incredible piece of technology ushers in a new era of patient engagement and allows you to fully visualize your mouth in the same way that our hygienists do.

The iTero Element 5D is the first ever hybrid dental imaging system that records three types of images at once: 3D, intraoral color, and NIRI (near-infrared imaging) images. One scan creates all three images simultaneously. The 3D model can be magnified and rotated to visualize any part of the teeth and gums needed for treatment. As it is examined, the corresponding NIRI and intraoral color images appear on the screen next to it.

There are many advantages to the iTero Element 5D. Its large, bright screen clearly shows all three images, and allows us to show you treatment areas in detail. The scan takes only a few moments, and uses no harmful radiation, allowing us to perform a scan at every one of your appointments to continuously monitor changes in your teeth and gums. Finally, the Element 5D has fully integrated Invisalign simulation, allowing both you and our team to see what your teeth will look like after your Invisalign treatment is finished.

The iTero Element 5D ushers in a new era of patient engagement at our practice. It allows us to visualize your teeth and gums in a dynamic, thorough manner.